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More fun with media experiments. Trying to get into drawing some of my less well-known GW2 characters. “Drakefang” Dakt, my ice-touched pirate captain (whom I inadvertently and subconsciously based off of Archie from Team Aqua without realizing it, shit).

Showing off both versions too because I like them equally.

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A finished commission for Scoli! Thanks!!!

me: oh man i can’t wait to play octopath traveler after work today

me: *forgets to pack my switch*

me @ past me: you dumb binch

I’ve been reading The Invention of Heterosexuality recently and god, it just never ceases to amaze me how much Freud fucked up our own understanding of the human psyche

why does youtube even HAVE a dislike button

Octopath Traveler is like Pokemon except there are only 8 Pokemon and you can change their subtypes at will

I have some thoughts about ⁦Polygon⁩'s (Brian's) octopath traveler character ranking video

like i know that some folks don’t particularly care for saying you’re “[x] trash” but I never really read it as self-depricating. It’s always felt more like just “reckless enjoyment” of certain topics or media. Like being gaudy or wild about how you enjoy something.

Imagine being able to read people’s minds, and then having your own thoughts interrupted by another telepath who’s a flat earth truther

That’s Twitter

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Prime Day strike Show more

What would you do if the last tabletop RPG character you played showed up at your door and wanted to hang out

Tired: dark theories and creepypasta of popular franchises

Wired: theories on which franchises are the dnd campaigns of other franchises

aw shoot, i got a cool thing in the mail and i wanna post it but SOMEBODY who follows me has a birthday soon and I got a second one as a gift for them too

My next fursona: V A P O R W O L F

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donny: I'm a little bit vaporwave
marie: and I'm a little bit health goth

the worst thing social media ever did was convince half the population their uninformed opinion was somehow actually important