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siri, google search how do i buy naan in bulk

if you’re considering joining mastodon or looking for a new instance, a pal put together this really nice list of cool instances and their themes:

when it comes to just straight-up typing, the wired Apple keyboard is better than any mechanical keyboard I’ve tried.

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Want to give your friends an instance list that isn't the garbage fire of

✨~It doesn't have bigots in it!~✨

(I just made it in a few hours and I'd like to make this into something more interactive, but I hope it's a good start ^βˆ†βˆ†^')

and then you’ll just have an RPG that feels like what certain people think β€œhistorical accuracy” should be, whether it’s accurate or not.

striving for historical accuracy in a medieval RPG is ultimately pointless because you’ll have to make compromises for the sake of good gameplay regardless.

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The rough prelim inks are done! I will proceed to tighten this up as much as I feel like I want to before choosing a non-default background color, slapping a bit of tone on top, and shipping it off.

CW for cartoony nudity, scar tissue, missing limbs, cybernetics.

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also s/o to @[email protected] for having a text editor that actually keeps formatting you paste into the submission field. Saved my butt tonight.

i sent @[email protected] a no-subject note on FA as a joke and things just spiraled out of control from there.

remember, horns or not, you are always the minotaur in the maze of your life

psst, starts in a week. You still have time to find a nice maze and an axe.

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"Want to come in," the first dragon said, "and see my hoard of gold?"
"You still sleep on gold?" said the other.
"So what are you on, Bitcoin?"
"Hardly. I hoard pillows."
#MicroFiction #tootfic #smallstories

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the latest Golden Trick! update by @irisjaycomics and me is now up on Slipshine!! our two heroes sneak into a frat house and... well. you know. read it here!! (18+ only!)

( #comics #webcomics #art #mastoart #nsfw )

i can’t think of a situation where a docx you have to download to read is a better choice than a google doc set to read-only for public fiction consumption

every time i see a furry writer upload a story in docx format, i die a little inside

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