Seeing a couple popular twitter users join up here and say things like "Hopefully Mastodon is noticing these comments" and while they're helpful critiques, I wonder if they missed the memo that Mastodon is not a monolithic entity with a big switchboard.

@Lanceleoghauni choosing an instance is still a little obtuse for first-time users, mostly

yeah I had to help people along "No no no, the instance is the most important unit lol, you can't just "join mastodon" and choose an instance later"

@Lanceleoghauni enough people expect that behavior that I almost wish was like, the beginner's instance and then after 50 toots you choose an instance.

@Aros but then you have to deal with account migration and I bet that's rather complicated.

@Lanceleoghauni probably, but from a user experience standpoint, it might work out better

I guess the thing that worries me here is that as consumers we're used to complaining to management as our only way of getting things fixed.

But mastodon is a community effort, built and administered by people who care, so just criticizing stuff in a huffy mood just makes you seem entitled and unwilling to help.

Devs and admins are people too! Let them hear your thoughts, but be kind!

@Aros haha next thing you'll say they need real food too

@Aros There's gonna be a lot of toxic behaviors that people are going to bring with them from Birdland.

That place just kind of encourages people to be pricks, so it's going to be a learning curve for a lot of folks.

@Aros Do you happen to know the devs and people who can help with given suggestions on this platform? Asking for a Friend.

@jeffperry it depends on the instance, but if you want to leave general feedback for mastodon's features, this is a good start:

@Aros i'd say that being in a bad mood when criticising something isn't a huge problem, it's only when you get rude to others that a problem arises. it's understandable that someone might not be too happy about software that isn't meeting their needs, or that has caused them problems, imo.

@Aros Well hopefully Mastodon is noticing these comments

(just kidding ♥️)

@Aros Why don't you point them to GitHub issues? They might just not be used to open-source environments.

@raucao A lot of people are unfamiliar with how GitHub works! Especially people used to software and platforms that Just Work like facebook and birdsite

@Aros the mastodon switchboard is just me

a couple contributors who stick around and pay attention

and 400 come and go contributors from the community

@masklayer @Aros I heard Mastodon was written by Satoshi Mastomoto

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