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My Heart Pumps Boner Blood

According to promoted posts, it is national egg month. What are people's oviposition on that

If not to the DAY, at least to the MONTH

I can't believe bad dragon has been around as long as Ferro and I have been married

me: "I'm too tired for doin' a lot of sex things nowadays"

also me: "I could buy a sex toy that looks like a character's business"

me: "are you sure about that tim"

also me: "I just got paid."

me: "frick okay let's see what all is out there tonight"

It's apparently 340/m's birthday so a bunch of people are posting a bunch of big titty nu mou in that general direction but here I am stuck in an eye clinic

Aaaah my fucking heart, what a thing to wake up to (s: 340/m) I am so glad that one of the few people who draws nu mou on the regular does such a satisfying job with them

Do you ever just think about a character just getting ridiculously raunchy:

Due to a combination of good work and low volume we are left with basically nothing at all today. So it is gonna be a long day of thinking about that tity

@bigboobshot also that is very comforting to hear re: drawing friends because if you're still open for sketch commissions during the con and are down to draw a human lady kissing on a monster I will prolly hit you up

Ferro is basically constantly going "GET ART GET ART"

me sorting through a whole bunch of photos to make a commission/reference folder: "haha this is great I have so many cool characters"

me thirty minutes later: "oh no I'm horny and I got to go to work"

me in the back of my brain: "oh no what if the things I want are boring to draw, now I'm horny AND anxious"

An image Ferro did from 2013 that she tagged with "enormous bazooms"

Thanks to recent developments from smash mouth, it's canonical that shrek loves to give head

This is not related to the previous thing I posted in any way, though I can't really vouch for the person because uh they speak Portuguese and I do not.

Just Furry Things: whenever I see a cool picture and put it on here, I always have this moment of terror in which I will then immediately find out that this cool ass art I posted was by an ENTIRELY UNCOOL PERSON.

I'm sure y'all have your 'favorites' of people who do a cool art but are just too shitty to promote.

Ah good this is the pre-work content I want to see (s: Marlon Cores?)

Thinkin about those good ass medieval stocks

They're horny

me at work: man I am thinking about so much character stuff and all those GOOD DICKS, oh baby, can't wait to get home and start working on em!

me at home after cooking dinner and cleaning up and changing into my at-home clothes: my shirt's on backwards and I'm too tired to change it around, maybe I'll do that stuff I was thinking about at work tomorrow

repeat for five years

Thanks to both us last night and night shift absolutely kickin ass, we have like dick to do tonight so far

Which is a heck of a thing because now I'm gonna just STEW in being horny