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Who Let The Dogs Out (Yiffy Remix) - DJ Pawbeanz

Follow me
Set me free
Trust me
And we'll escape from the tity

We don't know where
Foghorn leghorn
Got that enormous horse wang

but there is no stopping him
Not anymore

I can't believe a minion gave me a boner

"Two tiddlywinks of cum" is my new user name. (S: fireflufferz on Twitter)

@DirtyThirty or macro. There's a joke here and it's fallin flat

I'm heating water at work hi

Being consumed with thoughts of hyper: the biggest mood of them all

My aesthetic: shortstacks screeching in a Rita Repulsa voice that it's time to conquer girth

Gotta think about buttholes at work to keep sane in what WOULD have otherwise been a shift I could sleepwalk if it weren't for a massive drop off literally as the doors were closin

I can't stop thinking the phrase "Mountain Dew? More like mountin' dudes" out of my head so I have to say it here to purge it

Monsterpit has way better emojos than the main instance. :thaenkin:

If god didn't want me to toot about an alternate universe scooby doo where he just wants to nut instead of getting scared all the time

Maybe I wouldn't have thumbs, did you ever consider that

Welp with that piece of equipment down until we get new vials... time to kick back and think about rad fox tity???

smutwatch 2018: (s: I believe teckworks on twitter?) there are a lot of things that are just extremely my steeze and one of them is adventurers in pornographic-ass battle damaged equipment, it is some of my FAVORITE THINGS. monsterpit.net/media/73LM8XgLK

last evening was spent playing video games and watching @Ferrovore put together an elf with a big ass on SL. There was brief consideration of Peggy Bundy hair but it was decided against as being A Bit Much.