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do you ever just remember fanfic exists and your whole world becomes 900% brighter

and i got a new vpn! like i hate myself but i can also recognize myself is trying and i appreciate that

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we're getting the silent treatment and i feel like a kid again

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Howdy fedifriends, I'm a trans broadcaster and metal vocalist, and if you're into those kinds of things you can check those out at the links below~

I can't be employed (disability) so this is what I do for a job, I hope you enjoy my work ♥

Patreon (YT and SoundCloud links are here): patreon.com/amothinamber

Mixer: mixer.com/SilviaFox

Boosts encouraged!

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I think the best lesson you can give to a computer programmer is to let them know that they're not alone in trying to figure this shit out.

Hell, it's a young field and already we've created so many different cultures and languages. Nobody could possibly know all of this all the time.

Be gentle with yourself, computer programmer. The task is hard enough without being hard on yourself.

i wrote a whole fucking thing and it all deleted so im going to bed

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Information wants to be free.

But potable water, nutritious food, clean air, habitable shelter, elements-protective clothing, life saving and improving medicine, and time, precious, precious time want to be just as free.

stayed up all night saving my files and switching to xubuntu and ive got to say.....i dont regret it

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So hey, hi, sorry to ask again, but my bank has just screwed me hard enough that I have literally no money. If you could help out I'd really, really appreciate it:


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Hey if anyone wants to help support a disabled trans musician I would appreciate giving my Patreon a look, or even just dropping some change on PayPal

I can't be employed so this is pretty much my only option as far as money goes

Boosts also encouraged~



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i forgot i had an account on mastodon social and i accidentally logged in and was like ???? who is this ????

please why is the 11th page already my favorite

im reading SOIL THAT BINDS US cause of @HTHR and im already loving it

"There's no reason to fear us. We will be your new JAILERS."

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