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hey i wrote this for AS and it took like.............a long time haha so please give it a read if youre looking for new/more poets to read!


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im probably gonna make an post every month but anyways:

im alexis! i write, edit, and am in coding bootcamp rn/trying to get out of my minimum wage/hell job

i focus a lot on mental health/race esp. blackness/trauma/gay shit/autism/and basically storytelling in all its forms!

i have no idea how to end this so.

*jazz hands*

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do you ever just remember fanfic exists and your whole world becomes 900% brighter

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what's the difference between a magician and a mathematician? Show more

thank God my accounts looked really messed up last night and i said i just gotta sleep on it cause it was too late in the day and i'd just make it worse and i just held my breath while i checked and everything is sorted and thank God

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you can't do a single thing against im gay

i will im gay for the rest of my life

and this means one less weekend working at the place i dont feel safe or anything good at and!!! thats worth the whole trip honestly

im going across the country for a week to be w not-straight and/or not-cis people and i am so excited and also scared outta my mind which is mostly just anxiety BUT IM SO EXCITED IVE BEEN TRYING TO GET TO THIS PLACE FOR FIVE YEARS WOW

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Probably the worst part of Infinity War is seeing BP & Okoye get washed in their own hood. They were given virtually nothing to do or say. It was like the Russo Brothers tried their best to undo the care Coogler provided.

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did you all watch the premiere of because i absolutely loved it and also am a bit scared of emma, v intrigued, and so obviously hopelessly in love w her


my back is feeling better! i feel capable of doing more things especially things that may get me money and also out of this not good place! my period is almost over! im going an exciting adventure that im terrified of but also v !!!!!! about! i did some work! i finished a book! i laughed! butterfly soup will be played in the v near future and is something good to dream about!

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A new trans support centre has opened in Windsor, Ontario! Services include:

- help with documents
- a no-ID-required food bank
- clothing donations
- support/social groups
cbc.ca/news/canada/windsor/fir (via @grenadine@twitter.com)

#lgbtq #trans #transgender

now im gonna write im gonna write this essay im gonna write these poems IM GONNA DO IT

they messaged me back i sent the email AHHHH its okay itll be okay YAYYY i did a thing im supposed to do whoo


period Show more

im trying to do this email thing and i know people are like the instructions are v clear but i am ANXIOUS and PARANOID and also have cramps and its hot the world doesnt make sense

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self harm, trauma, but positive Show more

also tho please send good vibes/prayers/what-have-you bc even though they arent humongous things, im still v anxious and want to try my best and just need all the help i can get thank you

this is the first time ever when ive realized i have a lot to do/want to accomplish and i feel like, okay lets take steps to do this!, and my God what a miracle