Planting a flag in this swamp and it just... it sinks right in

They made Sonic look like a Burger King Kids mascot that was test marketed for 6 weeks in 1995 and abandoned because it made small children cry.

I said โ€œIโ€™m gay and so immune to the lawโ€ today at work and the guy whoโ€™s been misgendering me a lotโ€™s face scrunched up so hard I thought he was gonna die.

Nsfw text, fictional character fantasizing

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an update on life:

แด€แด€แด€แด€แด€แด€แด€แด€แด€แด€แด€แด€แด€แด€แด€แด€แด€ า“แดœแด„แด‹

in todays news: my egg cracked. im a white stripe. nonbinary bisexual/sapphic

Bloodhound said no need for gender when there is only prey #apexlegends

Horny posting, single for valentines complaining

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new dinosaur fossil: Bajadasaurus, had massive, forward-swept spines projecting from its neck.

It's the girl that becomes shards of glass at will and knocks you out with a shield, in the name of the Great Spirit. #bionicle #monster #mastoart #terato #biomechanical #biomech

Been waitin on this game for years, glad to finally have an early access of Praey For The Gods

You, boorish, without class: ball so hard
Me, classy, with a monocle: testicle so difficult

I wish i had the money, skills, and power to assassinate every republican. Im just so tired of their bigotry, the world would be better without it

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