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I should probably write an intro post sometime considering I've been on here for months and never got around to it. Y'know, actually introduce myself, be someone besides just the guy(?) retooting a lot of horny-on-main stuff

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Oh, what the hell
this is some wizard bullshit
(treating types mathematically ... with the analogy going far enough you can talk about things like the Taylor series of the List datatype)

Check out for extra insanity after that

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"im not cute! im not cute!!", i continue to insist as i slowly shrink and transform into a catgirl

me, pre ff14: look i know a lot of trans girls are catgirls but i'm just not okay???

me now: ... ᶰ⁻ᶰʸᵃ

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Hey, is there anyone here who's gay for masc/enbyish types?

Everyone around here is just cute lesbian trans girls being super gay with each other

where's the generally masc-ish people for me to be super gay with ;_;

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Has the Federated timeline just straight-up stopped working for anyone else?

sometimes I wonder how gay I am and then I see a really cute dude and start breathing a lil funny and wow I am that gay

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My life has been greatly enriched by the principle of "get into every random encounter and side quest that your time and resources permit"

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