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You can now use pesudo-mentions here to link to folks on a few other sites.

For example:

@adr@furaffinity.net is one of my favorite monster artists.

So far, I've added pseudo-mentions for:

:furry:​ FurAffinity, FurryNetwork, Inkbunny, SoFurry, Weasyl

🎨 ArtStation, DeviantArt

πŸ—¨ Tumblr, Twitter

:technologist_g1:​ GitHub

i layered several of the LGBTQI rights maps from Wikipedia, and it has this vaporwave aesthetic

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Now that I have stable wifi, please enjoy this lovely sketch of Dourar from @coonerArt@twitter.com!

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[NSFW for nudity i guess]

my gorgon/cyclops/taur monster oc, lilac. the ruins collage piece i just did feels like the kind of place they'd live


just finished this layered collage/sculpture piece i started a couple nights ago. really happy with it!

is this a joke, i wanna find out but i dont wanna give it the views

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Day 6: Dragonborn

Argyrus Glassclaw is the master gunsmith of Lindencrag, and makes sure everybody knows it. Smart with a sense of perseverance and duty about him, he tends to come off as pretentious. His poor vision and obliviousness don't help his image;;

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Furcons are great because it's so nice to have a place where you can feel comfortable in how you present yourself.

so this is how europe chooses their president?

Fantastic badge from @WhingesArt@twitter.com of Hadal! :D (fixed with proper credit)

(Reuploaded because color Issues) Little speedpaint before I do the chore drawings. This time of day is my favorite.

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Day 9:

Ulyg is an infamous cowboy-turned-vigilante who roams the Amogrican WIld West. He's notorious for being an extreme contrarian- tell him what you like, and he'll hate it; tell him to do something, and he'll do the opposite. Definitely dangerous.