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siri, google search how do i buy naan in bulk

:hacker_c:​ Λ’α΅’Κ³Κ³ΚΈ ⁱ'ᡐ ˑᡃᡗᡉ ᡐʸ αΆœα΅’α΅ˆα΅‰ ʷᡃ˒ αΆœα΅’α΅α΅–β±Λ‘β±βΏα΅

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a very non-objective list of the most to least fuckable WoW races Show more

My not-lewd account is now @softdemon!

"Wait, didn't you just do this?"

Yes... but that one was a mistake. :embarrassed:​

This time, I made sure that it wasn't on a instance that's too small so I don't mess up their curation.

if you’re considering joining mastodon or looking for a new instance, a pal put together this really nice list of cool instances and their themes: instances.noct.zone/

ah yes, it's historically accurate! except for the magic healing potions. and the part where you can take several arrows to the face and be fine.

and the part where it presents women's role in society as even more restricted than it was historically, and the presence of black people as even more unusual than it was for that region historically. hmmm it's almost as if "historical accuracy" wasn't really the through-line of their goals when making the game........

Also, @vahnj is very good koboldmin and deserves all the gentle.

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i sent @[email protected] a no-subject note on FA as a joke and things just spiraled out of control from there.

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I might have said this in the past once, but Mastodon could really use a timeline that an instance's community can curate.

Federated is good for discovery, but not for curation.

Small, specialized instances work very hard to try to curate their Federated timelines.

They probably don't want all that work destroyed by a single user with a few hundred (or thousand!) followers to import.

remember, horns or not, you are always the minotaur in the maze of your life

my inability to keep my ideas straight is extremely heterophobic

every time i see a furry writer upload a story in docx format, i die a little inside