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Hi, I’m Ayla, a late-20s trans cat/girl. I’m gay, kinky, polyamorous, otherkin (snow leopard / kitten) and probably median-plural? (Still investigating that last one)

I love cats, terrible puns, worse ideas, and figuring out how things work, break, build, and interact.

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"Fines mean legal for rich people" radicalized me

*don't stop believin intro plays* 🎢 🎢
ahem 🎀 :blobcat:
just a tiny cat 🎡
very good to pet and pat 🎡

Employee at the gym: So what are your goals? What kind of body do you want?

Me: *Pulls out phone, excitedly starts showing him pictures of river otters*

Employee: What

Me: What

games that let you pet the wildlife:
~nods of approval~
~modest applause~

games that let the wildlife pet you:
~crowds flooding the streets~
~thunderous cheering~

There should be a word for 'That healthy and beneficial emotive glow that occurs when something happens to remind a fox that they are, in fact, a fox.'

The dragon roared, spitting rings of fire, scales shimmering vibrant warning colors.

Undeterred, the tiny princess strode forward, dark tight curls bouncing about her head.

The dragon snapped at her.

"Enough!" she commanded.

The dragon's growls softened to a whine.

"Be nice to the healer and take your medicine."

The dragon complied dourly.

"Good, now we can go walkies."

The dragon perked up and followed after the princess gleefully.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

it is transphobic that i don't have functioning wings thank you for reading

SFW tame latex pinup

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Please boost this toot if you also are an irl animal people and sleep with a tiny plush version of yourself

Kit does this thing where when I am feeling depressed or down, she’ll pop up towards our front and demand pets. and then we pet ourselves, which not only pets her but pets me too, which then helps me relax and distracts me from those negative thoughts.

gosh I love my headmate Kit so much :blobcatlove:​

having a literal kitten in your head is not always easy but it is often really wonderful. πŸ’ž

proposal for compiler warning levels:
Β· You can do that.
Β· You can probably do that.
Β· You shouldn't do that.
Β· You really, really should not do that.
Β· I'm not letting you do that.
Β· You actually can't do that.

no matter how smol and unimportant you feel, you are important

i am just kitten but i am important

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