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Most blocklists out there don't detail why instances are bad like I do for a reason. It takes time and it's emotionally exhausting.

Having a JSON list isn't really any different from standard blocklists. It just saves everyone time and energy.

Quick points about why JSON lists are good:

- Admins can spend less time and stress and can check in on the text of the list when they can/have the energy to (this shit's bad, not everyone has the energy to even read this crap)

- Corrections can be automatically deployed (ie. if I get something wrong, a JSON list makes it easier not to miss that update)

I know I'm on hiatus but this technically doesn't involve looking at any shitty instances, I made a much-requested JSON blocklist again so your instance can always be up to date!

I hope it's okay, I'm really not used to JSON and I coded it by hand. Let me know if it works fine.

Updated my tips for making instance rules a little by adding one last, and really important section (Be Confident)

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Someone asked me if I could give them feedback on their rules and I ended up writing a guide instead, whoops.

I also have rules for the instance I moderate (, which is licensed CC BY-SA if anyone wants to use them for their own instance:

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Suspend or Silence - personal thoughts

As new instances come around, I thought I'd give some of my advice when it comes to thinking about individual moderation issues, and sharing some of my perspectives on blocks.

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Is anyone aware of any French (or other language) blocklists that I could link to from BLOCKchain?

Don't be afraid of suspending an instance, it may seem harsh, but you're really not obliged to keep an open line with them, and the only people you'd be doing a favour for is them.

(Also they can DM vulnerable people for recruitment that way~)

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