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Want to buy a set of generic dragon silhouettes as default avatars for a web forum; need short turnaround (under a week). Any artist folks interested? Bids requested

#5: :charmeleon:​ charmeleon
#6: :charizard: charizard

today's verb is "transform"

[colored pencil on paper, i'm still getting used to it so its a little sloppy today]

Why are we discussing the frequency of the word #fuck?

Intelligence is knowing that Frankenstein was the doctor, not the monster.
Wisdom is knowing that Frankenstein /was/ the monster.
Charisma is being able to sell Frankenstein as a fruit salad.


If you'd like an account on please send me a note telling me a bit about yourself and your birb(s).

NOTE: The term birb is used very losely here. The intent is for animal lovers to find a home in the fediverse.

Semi-related to the previous roar, I do like to trainers who are after a . They can hit me with those as often as they please (but I may still decide to eat them anyway)
[ ]
Link is obviously , of course. Linking to the instead of the original due to FA's asinine sign-in policy.

pokébuse (abusive Pokémon Go trainers) Show more

When the 3-alarm wings too mild, but the 4-alarm wings so spicy

I’ve never seen a #computer type before. Is that a synonym for electric #type or does it mean you’re a #Digimon? Or is it a #shortcut for electric/steel or electric/ground (from all the crushed-up silicon) or fairy/electric (because #computers are pure #magic) dual-typing?

I’m a who likes nail polish on her claws and a bow between her horns. Sometimes I snort a crushed-up mega stone and go posting as @MCX, so follow both accounts because there’s no knowing where I’ll post from.

How is one supposed to parse posts that go "[noun]. Boost if you agree."? Agree that the thing in question exists? That it is relevant to current happenings? What?

Can you all please upvote the Masto GitHub issue that requests an API for post length?

I specifically chose this instance for its expansive character limit, but it does me no good on my phone because all the apps are hard-coded to make me shut up after 500 characters.

I’m glad modern social media didn’t exist when I was a . We just had fora and BBS.

This also means there aren’t many pictures of me as a floating around, and my mum says I was very cute back then.

I LOVED drawing dragons and dinosaurs when I was a kid, I don't do it much if at all anymore... Trying to change that bit by bit~ #dragon #traditionalart #bluepencil #pencilart #illustration #fantasy #fantasyart #mastoart #mastoartist #nayroart #nayro

if you boost one of my statuses it looks like i am sitting next to your icon =^..^=