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[metapit] Avoiding the need for a CDN is kinda hard. Show more

We no longer depend on Amazon S3!

If you're seeing broken media assets, you'll need to refresh.

My #gamedev hobbyist project has its own logo, thanks to Redily.


(you can have a look at her youtube channel if you wish: youtube.com/channel/UC21SVyVzu)


I've finally took the plunge and learned how to use tmux! :arms_in_the_air_r1:โ€‹

Except by "learn," I mean I clumsily figured out how to make new windows, switch between them, and decided that was good enough.

Yet another Hati. I felt like doing something a bit indulgent, and used the opportunity to play with color adjustment layers instead of gradient maps. I also think I finally like their back markings. #Art #MastoArt

You: "I finally have the resources to enable Elasticsearch!"

Elasticsearch: :surprised: :think_smirk:โ€‹

Nene is an apex predator.
A little doodleof my character for #mermay while I try to finish the next chapter of Nene's Bedtime Stories D:

#digitalart #illustration #doodle #oc

[meta] Tech rambling Show more

Tried some textured background with this. I haven't really done backgrounds too much before so it's about time to start!

Orestes is a very fluffy Tundra that I draw too rarely in his actual dragon form. #flightrising #oc #mastoart #dragon

Decided to give my raccoon boy big ol' crab-crunchin teeth.

#mastoart #creativetoots #art #shadowrun

Someone wanted a boostable version of this pic of Rose and I realized I haven't posted it here yet (it's from 2016 and I don't see it in my media here), sooo~

(reposted because FOR SOME REASON it didn't upload the full image before???)

Here's a few Monsterpit Nextcloud screenshots, since I forgot to add some in the announcement post last night.

You can now opt out of making your follow/following lists public using the "hide network" setting in your Preferences:


This is now default for new folks on Monsterpit.