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😈 Flustered Demon πŸ”ž @daggertooth

Monsterpit updated to Mutant Standard 0.1.0.

Give @dzuk some :clap_paw_r1: ​for zir new release! 🍍


​:nonbinary_flag:​​ :queer100:​ :metal_paw_r1:​

:orc:​ :fist_facing_right_hmn_g1:​ :left_facing_fist_hmn_r1:​ :demon_content:​

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@daggertooth @dzuk Honestly, the emoji pack is great, and the way you've structured the files made it really easy to add things to a Discord server. So thank you.

@salameleon @daggertooth I'm glad that you found them easy, I wasn't really sure how people would receive it ^βˆ†βˆ†^'

@dzuk @daggertooth Discord automatically turned the filenames into shortcodes, so it was completely trivial to implement. The only hard part was choosing just 50.

@salameleon @daggertooth ikr, that blooows. x_x. Some people who have Nitro have made their own servers just for Mutant Standard emoji so they can have like, all the hand MMs/CMs that match them, which is, you know, definitely not for everyone X).