(also I use this account when weirder.earth isn't working)

people probably shouldn't follow me on here?

I'm mainly using this account to use my admin powers to update mp.n's blocklist, I do all my talking on weirder.earth (@dzuk) TBH

I've been waiting nearly a year for Drip to finally be available to the public, not yet~~...

*wrapped in a blanket, drinking tea, watching an old stream while waiting for pizza dough to rise*

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More finished , that I'm gonna post here while weirder.earth's pipes are blocked E:

1. Inflatable furry themed emoji for the blimps.xyz Mastodon instance! (via @ceralor)

2. An icon for @Aerdan's blog!

Hey blimps folks! We've got :pooltoyvalve: a-plenty, fillable with :airtank: or :bikepump: ! Have fun! :D

Awesome emoji thanks to @dzuk!

(where outgoing/incoming posts are all frozen)

rawr. weirder.earth is doing the same weird thing again

weirder.earth is broken again, so I'm here for a bit~~~

@Aros weirder.earth is in a black hole atm (saying it here too because i'm only starting to realise how bad things are)

ayyyy, Discord is making it's own [curated] game store

good, anything but Steam

(For reference, it stopped working about 3 hours ago.)

Yeah, it is broken. I'm staying here until I can figure out what the fuck is going on.

Sorry if anyone got post spam from my old account. I thought I deleted typos and it turns out none of them got deleted for some reason. I've tried different apps and browsers. It's broken on all of them.

I think something is wrong with my weirder.earth account....

keeping monsterpit.net synced with all the new blocks~ :thumbsup_hmn_g1:

(they're all suspensions thus far)

I figure that since I'm an admin here, my admin account shouldn't be horny all over (even if this instance is 18+)

mainly for mutuals, people I know well enough / people I've seen around the community enough to trust. Don't worry if you try to follow and get rejected, no hard feelings :)

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