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Dzuk (mp.n)

keeping synced with all the new blocks~ :thumbsup_hmn_g1:

(they're all suspensions thus far)

I figure that since I'm an admin here, my admin account shouldn't be horny all over (even if this instance is 18+)

mainly for mutuals, people I know well enough / people I've seen around the community enough to trust. Don't worry if you try to follow and get rejected, no hard feelings :)

I don't know if anyone can read this, but I have a separate AD account cuz it made more sense to do it that way.... -> @kilogay

(but I'm super thankful for the account wipe anyway, this account has been all over the place)

@daggertooth okay, it seems that some will federate but it doesn’t seem to be 100%

@daggertooth I don’t think my toots are federating anymore

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Politic, us president visit to the uk, green day Show more

going through my account in search of EMOJI HISTORY

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I abandoned finishing this piece bc I got bored. These are two of my D&D characters, Pickle and Torment.
#orc #tiefling

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what is it about cis dudes that once every couple days transforms them into the fuckin human version of clippy

I haven't drawn in a long time. I'm not actually feeling that rusty. Probably because I'm a lot less anxious than I was the last time.

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havent drawn anything in a while so heres a doodle of a dragon in a dragon hoodie

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As much as I appreciate the notion that we’re now in Gay Wrath month, what I’m really looked forward to are Gay Gluttony and Gay Sloth months.

anti-aliasing really doesn't favour my drawing style. at alllll

*stomps down the stairs into the garden to take a break before emojo making*

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trump funny (+) Show more

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like, come on, where are the furries and freaks and so on