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Dzuk Kilogay πŸ”ž @[email protected]

I love how the avatar of @ambassador basically imposes a thumbs up on the accounts of all the boosted posts.

Last one before I do more important things.

Bit crowded on the Notifications thing. Needs more work.

Not really 'designed' as such. I'm just in this dumbass phase atm.

Content hidden because I reference a few tiny depressing things.

Getting into it a bit more. Some alignments still feel off.

Dunno if I can do this, but I'd also like to alter vocabulary...

Home -> Following
Local -> Local
Federated -> Outside

for shameless self-promotion reasons, all of my smiley icons are actually Mutant Standard Gumdrop Smileysβ„’β„’β„’

*grafts the UI for that concept onto a Mastodon page idea because to hell with it*

a.w.e still down. Another Matrix client concept artboard progression thing.

Oh yeah, for all the users out there, I made a free tool icon set quite a while ago, designed to replace most of the default tool icons in CSP.

There's more options, a clearer design and colour coding for RGB keyboards.