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Dzuk Kilogay ๐Ÿ”ž

Redesigned reblogging headers on Pineapple posts~ concept design Show more

I added scrollbar thickness options to Pineapple~

@masklayer Hey, here are two near-finished prototypes of the dog tilting head emoji. I'm not sure what kind of dog to draw, do you have one in mind?

*downloads Visual Studio Code to see what it's like*

white nationalist propaganda Show more

Art Student Owl memes were pretty great.

Testing how GIFs appear for the sake of Pineapple research :P

Since Complications isn't here atm, let me share with you the nicest looking wireless headphones I've seen ever. (Sony WI-SP500, (2018))

I stumbled upon these the other day, I want these so bad

(it doesn't work on Safari atm though)