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Dzuk Kilogay πŸ”ž

The Good Place Season 2 spoilers Show more

Good evening. a.w.e is still down. idk what’s going on :s

Benjamin Franklin invented bitcoin when he famously flew his kite, what they don't tell you is that he got really annoyed at electricity for hurting his hand and conceived a brilliant master plan to waste as much as possible of it on useless work

LB: oh yeah, I forgot that I've actually been to Florida at one point in my life

I find it very interdasting how many vaporwave artists I run across that are from Florida, because so much of it slam dunks me into the sensation of being sick with a fever on a couch in a Daytona Beach hotel room, with the weather channel on in the background.

I've made it a point in my life to just not play anymore games staring 'gruff stubbly white dude', because 99% of the time each gruff stubbly white dude is just as identically boring and dull as the next one, and their games aren't much better.

A lot of people around me seem to be playing Fortnite atm...


following back some friendos I was following on a.w.e until this washes over.

(talking about pylons with @dzuk)

Dzuk: i really don't know how electricity works
me: *starts to explain how electricity works*
Dzuk: shut up, i'm too tired, aaaaargh

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The sketch of the Monsterpit logo isn't bad considering I did it all on my mouse.

The colours aren't 100%, but I'm tired and I did it in like, a minute.

But yeah, I wanna try to make a better UI for Mastodon than Mastodon. And GlitchSoc's flavours gives me an avenue!

I need to learn the JavaScriptsβ„’β„’β„’

for shameless self-promotion reasons, all of my smiley icons are actually Mutant Standard Gumdrop Smileysβ„’β„’β„’