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Dzuk Kilogay πŸ”ž @[email protected]

('BROD' just makes me think of Norwegian for bread which is brΓΈd, so I just think 'BREAD CAST')

Yeah, I think this concept is starting to have legs.

It's a shameless rip-off of something else I was doing, but it has legs nonetheless :D

Getting into it a bit more. Some alignments still feel off.

Dunno if I can do this, but I'd also like to alter vocabulary...

Home -> Following
Local -> Local
Federated -> Outside

housing, boosts welcome Show more

Just a heads up, Ableton’s huge sale/free upgrade to Live 10 ends Tuesday.

If you were on the fence and have the $$, now’s the time to grab it.

The Good Place Season 2 spoilers Show more

Good evening. a.w.e is still down. idk what’s going on :s

Benjamin Franklin invented bitcoin when he famously flew his kite, what they don't tell you is that he got really annoyed at electricity for hurting his hand and conceived a brilliant master plan to waste as much as possible of it on useless work

LB: oh yeah, I forgot that I've actually been to Florida at one point in my life

I find it very interdasting how many vaporwave artists I run across that are from Florida, because so much of it slam dunks me into the sensation of being sick with a fever on a couch in a Daytona Beach hotel room, with the weather channel on in the background.

I've made it a point in my life to just not play anymore games staring 'gruff stubbly white dude', because 99% of the time each gruff stubbly white dude is just as identically boring and dull as the next one, and their games aren't much better.

A lot of people around me seem to be playing Fortnite atm...


following back some friendos I was following on a.w.e until this washes over.