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I abandoned finishing this piece bc I got bored. These are two of my D&D characters, Pickle and Torment.
#orc #tiefling

what is it about cis dudes that once every couple days transforms them into the fuckin human version of clippy

I haven't drawn in a long time. I'm not actually feeling that rusty. Probably because I'm a lot less anxious than I was the last time.

havent drawn anything in a while so heres a doodle of a dragon in a dragon hoodie

As much as I appreciate the notion that we’re now in Gay Wrath month, what I’m really looked forward to are Gay Gluttony and Gay Sloth months.

anti-aliasing really doesn't favour my drawing style. at alllll

*stomps down the stairs into the garden to take a break before emojo making*

like, come on, where are the furries and freaks and so on

on another note, I don't take plots that have augmented humans seriously anymore when all the augmented humans just look like normal humans

If you've got some technical expertise, please consider helping out with Monsterpit's maintenance!

*barbarian rages over the difficulty of the current commission*

Another fun commission for! E:

*corporations trying to appropriate pride*


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