You know you’re a monster fucker when literally just a skeleton looks hot

FROM THE PATREON: this is like the third time dude has gotten stuck in the same giant spider lady's web, you'd think a mage like him would've LEARNED by now.

step into my parlor and subscribe today: #nsfw

pic, NSFW, porn, teratophilia, monster-monster, eldritch monster, a gigantic mutli-headed mass of flesh teeth and organs, multiple F, I’ll tag Gore just in case

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sfw, cute, video, rabbit, adorable, not mine, actually laughing

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A old OC given an update, and I'm in LOVE with his new, mean, monster design <3
#furryart #horror #wendigo #monster #creature #digitalart #mastoart
Old ref in comments so you can see his progress ^^

lovecraftian monsters but instead of making you lose your mind when you gaze upon them they make you reach horny singularity

I typically don’t post more adventurous/weird stuff, even if it’s super hot, but here: pic, NSFW, porn, giant insect with big breasts, bondage (binding), milking breats, lactation, lineart, interspecies, MMF,

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pic, NSFW, porn, alien anatomy, multiple penises, interspecies, MF, Male alien, Female human, almost tentacles, tail-anus unbirthing, teratophilia

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Tired: wanting to become a cryptid

Wired: realizing i'm already a cryptid

sfw, fun, not monsters, role reversal

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