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I want to cuddle with someone I don't know very well yet but would like to be my friend! Show more

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I really need to cuddle with someone I can feel safe with. I'm not doing well emotionally.
I don't mean to sound unappreciative of my friends here, of course, It's irrational, to that extent. Anyway,
Anyway. If any of you need someone to talk to, a shoulder to cry on, just someone to be there for you or keep you company, I hereby offer you any such service, no warning necessary.
I would like to help you, I really would.
I'm kind of dying to be helpful, and succeed at that.
Please be aware you're loved and worthy.
I need to be aware that while I may have made mistakes (I know I have), and have baseless fears (I don't know how many are irrational and how many are accurate), my feelings are also valid to me.
So yeah, if anyone would be so kind as to provide a few hugs, cuddles, snuggles, hand holding, maybe pet my hair or something a bit, I will always remain grateful for that.
With love and gratitude,


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Okay, last thing for today: the shorter self-intro vlog post thing (~15 minutes) is now uploaded and processed for your viewing enjoyment.
Please watch this, if you would; I worked hard on this stuff and I'm about as cute as I can be for this stage in my trans life. <3
Good night, love you all.

I'm so lonely baby
I feel so lonely
I feel so lonely, I could dah

I am delighted to discover that --- apparently ---- the whole of Season 3 of A Series of Unfortunate Events (via Netflix via some ripper via a probably illegal hosting site). I'm into the first episode of the penultimate peril, and there are only two more episodes after that....when there should be at LEAST three, as The End is hardly something that could be summed up adequately in one hour.

I was bummed that the captain of the Queequeg, Mr Antwhistle, was blotted out of the story.

Fiona made me do a double take. I thought I was watching the Odd Squad.

I keep getting email notifications for things that happened like yesterday??? what's up with that?

This meme is completely correct, but bet Alt-Right lot hate it.

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re: Lewd thoughts about sexy roleplay Show more

Lewd thoughts about sexy roleplay Show more

I think if I do go on HRT I'll have nice big knockers, probably fun to play with. Neato

Also want to get back to playing Quake 2 for the fun of exploration. I have downloaded it and started to play but have been too socially anxious to drag myself out of the Mastohole and play fun things. Also my computer is laggy as hell.

I really really want to play more than just the beginning of the Myst followup game Obduction.

I want to play the pod racer game from Star Wars Episode 1 again! I loved that!!

Maybe I should mention, in a postscript to my thoughts on very popular types here at Mastodon, that I'm not jealous or bitter, I think you are great and I actually want to be your friends, @lynnesbian and @dirt. <3

And that reminds me of another thing.... if you're a Linux type of person you may know what I should do.....

I downloaded what purported to be Super Tux Cart (?) for Windows and ... I opened what I found.

There was no .exe or anything in the file that I could recognize as a program to run. I have no idea what to do with it. But I'd really like to play.

Anyone got any kind of advice or a tutorial or something? The docs at the website seemed to think it was not worth explaining what to do with the game.

OK, I give up...what do I do with these json items in my archived Mastodon files? I wanted to back up all my toots and mentions and all my DM exchanges and all of that...cannot find them. I have tried to open json files but nothing happens... a file reader app opens, then just closes without any result.

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