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"If everything was legal for like twenty-four hours I'd start a communal garden."
#thepurge #purge #latestagecapitalism

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I may LOOK like a bratty bottom, but don’t let looks fool you. I ABSOLUTELY am

Listen To Me Fucker, I Blessed The Undeserving Halls Of Your Seafood Establishment To Stuff My Beautiful Face With Shrimp And Sexually Defile Your Buffet Line With My Perfect Girlfriend And No Less Than Three (3) Other Sexy People, And You Disrespect Me, My Perfect Girlfriend, And Our Sexy Entourage By Banning Us For Life And Also Saying My Girlcock Is “Weird And Pink” And “Not Petite, Graceful, Or Ladylike, In Fact, It’s On The Fat Side.” I Will Burn You Down, I Will Burn Down Your Ashes,

RT @aantonop@twitter.com: The CLOUD Act passed. It destroys privacy globally, so it had to be snuck into the $1.3 trillion omnibus without debate.

Encrypt. Encrypt. Encrypt. Go Dark.

When privacy is criminalized, only criminals have privacy. We got sold out, again.

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That head bumping thing cats do when you hold your hand out to them.

Boost if you agree.

I really do þink ðat English should just adopt ðe þorn and eð, instead of ambiguous 'th's.

reminder to self (& others if useful):
There is a version of your life where you capitalized on every opportunity, spoke the cleverest words every time, salvaged every relationship, cherished each moment as it passed,
and it's all pure fantasy.
You're a creature of meat & bone flying through invisible decision gates with very little available information. Do the best with what you can get and remember you did, later, when the regrets set in. There is no Perfect 100% No Damage run.

@julianruf for anyone that's not into the whole "You all need to do this thing right now. [no explanation] [link]" thing:

It looks like there are some 3rd party scripts that some site use for tracking that add hidden forms to the pages they're on. Browsers will try to autofill those forms and the scripts will pull whatever was entered back to the trackers servers. Only mentions browser based managers, but I guess lastpass and co would do the same if set to autofill.


Local Thick-Cocked Girl Accidentally Destroys The Solar System After The Density Of Her Dong Results In A Tear In The Fabric Of Space

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