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my mind’s been a washing machine with an unbalanced load for so long that when i DO get into a flow state it feels like fucking superpowers lmao

but, that’s why i combined their representative forms, in hopes of making them work better together

and so far it’s been bumpy, but earlier i briefly slipped into kind of a true state of synchronous flow and i felt unstoppable...until the outer self decided to ruminate too much on her loneliness and the inner self didn’t know how to deal with those emotions...synthi isn’t the best at that.

i don’t quite know how else to explain my brain’s workings outside of this context.

having realizations about halves now that they’re kinda squashed together and i can A/B test things and like

skolli: outer me. leans introspective, shy, quiet, a little morose (sometimes a lot). prefers speaking in lower-case. tends toward cuteness.

Synthi: inner me; leans more toward actions than thoughts. Aggressive. Sexual. A bit egotistical...okay maybe a lot more than a bit. Aspires to greatness.

and i feel like

they balance each other a lot but they usually don’t work in harmony.

“What is on your mind?” asks tootdon. “sushi,” I think to myself.

@bigboobshot it’s been 162 days since we last kissed and that’s Some Bullshit :c I’m gonna have to do that corny fuckin thing where I write a letter and sign it with a big ol’ smooch in bold lipstick >:0

weird dreams but the short of it was I Obtained Car, Went Seattleward

You know that trans girl who's just hatching and recently left birdsite but is really excited to be on masto looking at ur sexy lewds?

The Avid Ovoid Avian-Avoider Voyeur

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Hey folks! It's been a while since I've made any stickers, so I made a new set that aligns more closely with what I'm interested in these days- plants, animals, and the occult. Check it out!


#art #mastoart #creativetoots

mastodon.social/media/z9vFEcPj mastodon.social/media/BGiPC9Nc

Boost this toot if you don't mind that I just want to hear the mastobloop sound a bunch

pour one out for my main bitch Invisigoth. you were only in one episode and you died at the end. too good for this world. trans subtext

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