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all i want to do is fill my yard with plants and my house with animals but SOMEONE had to go and invent CAPITALISM,

cat son got his very first dental cleaning today. apparently his teeth were in decent shape and he didn’t need anything more than the cleaning, which is good.

but of course they sedated him for it, because he’s a cat, so he’s just been super drunkish stumbling around the house since 2 in the afternoon, which is HILARIOUS.


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‘please i’m not trying to mansplain i just really want to tell you in detail about how cats express affection’

anyway it’s really tragic how many of my autism behaviors look like garden-variety jackass dude behavior

i am NEAR-CONSTANTLY engaged in an internal battle with my desire to answer any and all questions posed within my awareness, because i am not TEN anymore i KNOW what a rhetorical question is, but i also know that some people pose rhetorical questions and are genuinely interested in the answer, and this is made 1000 times worse by being in an online space and knowing, intellectually, that people probably don’t want me to infodump about cat behavior on their two hour old post buT WHAT IF THEY DO

on a totally unrelated note, has anyone ever given you the EXACT expression of 🔪

my partner: yeah, that concert was intense
me: actually it was in a stadium

this post brought to you by some absolute grade-A ‘gallifreyans are deeply inhuman alien creatures’ headcanons

one of the WORST things is almost falling into an old fandom via someone’s excellent headcanons because you want more of whatever this is… and then remembering that wait, canon has almost none of this, and what you really want is the person making the headcanons to redo it

a post: this is something you’re beginning to learn is triggering!
me: i’ll click it, what’s the worst that could happen?
me: is triggered
me: shockedpikachu.png

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not to be cartoons on main but steven universe is an absolute fucking masterpiece

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every astrology post: SCORPIOS FUCK
me, a scorpio, crying: i’m more than a piece of meat!! i have an exoskeleton too!!!

my partner, apropos of, and i CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH, absolutely nothing: take me to snell (snail hell)

re: gay feelings

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gay feelings

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kink?, parasites, this is… difficult to describe but it’s a shitpost

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drugs, weed

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