since an average, humble librarian just noticed an unplugged television set displaying the phrase "Don't trust bricks"... in the Twilight Zone.

So, right, … like my bio says, I’m a late-forties, tall-looming, book-reading, monster-loving, cat-serving, Michigan-living, cheese-eating data warehouse engineer and sf-horror-and-dark-fantasy writer.

To unpack that a bit, I’m 48, but have been on the net since I was 20. My interests skew toward the and the , with a heavy helping of love and fandom. I much and some, with one published novel and several short works in assorted anthologies. (Don’t worry, I won’t be spammy here, though I will make mention of upcoming things now and again.)

Also fan of: , , , such as and , the musical stylings of , , and , musings (the crackpottier, the better). As much as I like good movies, I like even more.

TV-wise, I like me some , , , , , and so on. Favorite authors include , , . These are by no means complete lists. I’ve seen things.

I’m not all that social per se, but like chatting now and again. So feel free to talk at me, if you’re moved to do so.

Let me just say, it is so refreshing logging on here first thing in the morning & not being bombarded with how awful the world is. It’s just like old Twitter, back before the trolls and GG and nazis and and and...

Found out about Mastodon today. Figured out quickly that was where I wanted to be. :)

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