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btw, i'm down for relief sculpture badge/portrait commissions currently! 4 slots open~✨​
they're mixed media, and can be a little more interpretive/dreamy/slightly off-model. monsters/creatures/furries/aliens/humanoids/weird characters welcome!!
badges start at $45+ for a headshot, $65+ for a bust. i can do mini pieces or much simpler ones starting at $25 too. more info and examples here:

send me a private message here, or on dA/weasyl if you prefer for inquiries or info~!

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haven't done any new stone carving in a while with life being hectic last year, but i've still got a nice selection of resin figures and pendants in a few metallic colors~

check out my cursed objects:

[body horror stuff]
pages from the new sketchbook so far

this is the enormous 128 page tome i made for myself over the course of a few days (cat for scale). front and back have sculpted reliefs and textures + some collage on the front, spine, and inside cover

it's been years since i made a book for myself and my roommates wanted to learn too so we got supplies and worked on making them together for a few days <3

i carved stone for the first time in a loong time yesterday. simple little creature but i like it
available here btw:

i also took a 30 and 10 minute video during parts of the work on it that i might try to put on my patreon if i can

i've been working on so many things lately wow

[CW trypophobia]
WIP epoxy/paper/glue sculpture

finished this sculpture this week! wire/foil armature, epoxy, paper/glue, sand, spraypaint, acrylic, on a wood base

WIP photos and process info on my patreon:

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Soooo. I would like to #commission some art by someone good at drawing labyrinths, Celtic knotwork, trees. (Or any two of those I guess?)

Is there a way to search for people doing #commissions that are *not* characters, or do I just toot this and hope for boosts?

It would help me if the final image could be CC by-SA licensed, too, because it's #forathing and letting people print the art in e.g. concert programmes would be good. #CreativeCommons

My budget is limited but we can talk about it.

*tired gurgling hiss* it is too hot in this house

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just updated my patreon with part 1 of 2 on the recent figure sculptures i've been working on~!

the cables in its back don't work with anything, but sometimes they display simple oscillating paterns or even pick up psychic broadcasts from other living things

don't think i posted this here yet? new painting of my monitor-with-legs oc

speedpaint of me speedpainting

anyway, i've been sculpting again

i made an important update on my new patreon, it's a public post. still need to update my main page to match this:

i was self indulgent and got an adoptable character...........
its name is 6 and i'm already really into drawing them

[last art in set is the original by felix]