another night, another demon design for my comic 😈


Hot take: the lean humanoid fire-breathing Giger-lookin version of Godzilla from the concept art of the 1998 movie actually kicks major ass and should've been in the movie

@dargon_lover and I have some animated icons now :)

Currently doing a bit of work so that the file size plays more nicely with masto! I'll start using it soooooon™

original icons:

monsterpit update Show more

i swear i’m gonna write a patch to call it that now

done...there are almost 13k emoji here!!
not all are shown in the picker
if the licker makes your browser crash let me know and i can hide the variants

updating mutant standard to 3.0
over a phone
rip data usage

let’s talk about society’s stand on optometry. why should I, a Creature covered in eyes, have to pay more for a single set of contacts than lesser-eyed beings?

~3 am~
~wakes up~
~patches monsterpit~
~patches own instance~
~goes back to sleep~

ok i sleep 🛏️ Show more

i reset the theme setting of everyone using the vanilla flavour back to the glitch default until i get this fixed
you should be able to get to your settings now

switching to masto95 breaks the theme chooser

working on it...

hey monsters
i hear there’s some problems with certain settings crashing the app
i’ll get that fixed as soon as i’m back home from night shift in ~20 min

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plural weirdness Show more

upgrades are done! :ms_arms_in_the_air_v1:
you may resume monstering

ps: @ambassador is gonna be out to lunch until i update it to use this newfangled way mastodon's storing its statuses

hey monsters!

i'm isabella and i'll be your server stewardess tonight as i give monsterpit's backside some much needed love~

i just rebased on top of a freshly squeezed glitch-soc and am about to push that to the server now after i install system updates

expect ~5 mins of downtime at 12:40 utc while i reboot

also i moved the repos to gitea:

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Monsterpit is a community of creatures and critters
For those who love monsters to be monsters they love.
Whether fur, scale, or skin; whether plural or 'kin–
If you don't feel quite human, come! You'll fit right on in.