• db problems fixed & tags now work on monsterpit.blog
  • monsterpit.cloud migrated to postgresql
  • monsterpit.gallery back up - converting that db is gonna be something that has to wait until a day off
  • bed bed bed bed bed aaaaa

whoever made assets:precompile go from 20 to 2 minutes may your tail grow long & fluffy

year of our cthulhu
year of our worm
and year of why can’t everything that needs an rdbms for some reason use postgresql

monsterpit.gallery‘s gonna be down for a while - bout to do a database conversion so we can toss out oracle mysql
~stretching paws~

@ayla turns out it’s a mysql compat bug :blobcatcry:
mysql 8 does regex in a way that makes wf break and wf doesn’t have a lot of debug logging

that feel when running into a bug that no other deployment than yours is having :ms_thinking_fire:

@ayla ok real stumped on this - dunno if upstream just didn’t implement a tag browser in wf yet or what
but looks like it’s time to d-d-d-d
report a bug

the difference between regular text and links in the upstream masto ui is thinner than 1 ply toilet paper

we should go add those underlines now

@ayla hmmmmm :blobcatthonking:

also while we have a gitea with an issue tracker we haven’t figured out how to make that more accessible

tbf i’m actually liking ruby as a language - like someone managed to take oop and make it conversational

like you can ask your computer if dragon.wants? smooches and it’s like “cmon you already know that’s true~”

think a lot about replacing this whole twitter like thing with our own forum-like thing

but if we’re gonna do that wanna do it on a whole new backend and not remain in rails hell

Does anyone have any advice on starting a world building project? One of my long term art projects I wanted to start was do world building and fill it full of creatures and monsters of my design.

work stuff

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can someone running pleroma send me a reply with a markdown linked image in it?

imagining tf'ing out of the human shell into a magnificent fluffy goat demon with a thicc ol tail
right in front of everyone
not a damn care
just strutting off this production floor like fuck this shit i’m out

It’s a macro world, and we’re just living in it(‘s paws)

idly thinking about letting big worm monsters cuddle to keep warm

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