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inline image support!

hello monsters~
you can now inline images in your roars!

monsterpit header
External Image: monsterpit header]

they’ll be automatically thumbnailed & linked to the original

thinking about adding support for img tags
monsterpit will need to proxy these so remote servers can’t see your ip
and nginx has a thing for this!

loud formatting

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We need more stories with trans characters. Different types of trans characters whose experiences are diverse.

Get you a werewolf bf with a fluffy neck you have to tippy toe to plant your face into

activitypub question

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also giant eyeless worm monster cuddling their beholder & behemoth friends
they’re an inseparable trio of cuties

i apparently have behemoths on the mind because i wrote ‘behemoth’ when i meant ‘beholder’ and then again when i was putting another creature into google images :blobcatshy:

command reference

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finally finished the winter dragon. its a little heavy handed on the shading but oh well. lol

I forgot the word spine today and instead said 'bone rope' in front of all of my work colleagues

I’m Dex - mainly over at @Dex - former (fictional) game star and weirdness enthusiast. I wanted a place I could link from birdsite when I need to post something with a CW (birdsite seems to not like non standard TLDs).

Most of my posts will still be over there, but expect some more risqué art I’ve got and perhaps some weirder boosts!


Art: crop from a piece by @sleepy_screen@birdsite

actually got it fixed in our downtime
work is nice and slow today :blobcatcoffee:

looks like there’s still some fuckiness with the way links are being handled - will fix that after work

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