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I don't think you need to have a job that aligns with your values to necessarily be happy, but it can be really nice if it works out like that.

Some Romania tourist Instagram account followed me after I posted this so I'm going to take that as a success

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I actually worked on a theme for my dumblr
let me know if its too hard to read. I hate white backgrounds x.x

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Woke: vampires
Also woke: angels
Bespoke: vampire angels

I really want to draw Van Helsing and Dracula smooching :ms_devious_horns:​
Its been too many days since I drew in my sketchbook

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Credit to ArcboundRavager on Twitter for inspiring me with the tweet which haunted my waking hours.

#Mastoart #art #creativetoots #mastodonart #dog #canine #borzoi #surreal

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