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Alone on a Friday Night? God you're lucky! It's the first four pages of Arena Babbage's Epic Gaming moment. A VERY #nsfw furry comic that both is and is about making pornography.

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*looking all over an rpg character sheet, searching for the stat to deflect a melee attack with your own weapon*

Hey, where's Parry?

**You pet the small robotic dragon.
**The small robotic dragon purrs contentedly, a sound like Windows 95 swapping.

Doodling things that happen to keep focused on a slower paced D&D game. This is a librarian in hell, although they turned it a little more chipper than this doodle implies.

* will fite you
* sleep on hoard
* flying is the best
* no tolerance for fools
* pretty much every problem can be solved with a sufficient application of fire
* or going to sleep for a hundred years, that works too
* then wake up and set everything on fire AGAIN
* no you're not gonna steal anything from my hoard I will eat you
* and not in a nice way

dragonpunk. accept no substitutes.

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