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One more monster arrived, so here's an for you Monster Lovers™:

I'm Max, 26, and my hollow bones are filled with gay. I'm some kind of eagle, though honestly I'm more of a regular undefined avian. Also glitchy, 'cause I don't feel so good.

That said, I have depression and anxiety - and the latter is strong enough to keep me from interacting with others for weeks. Knowing that, I'm at a point where I want to fight it so I dedicate this account just to that. Coming out of my hole, learning to socialize, sharing my life, blah. I intend to keep the tone of this account positive or at the very least neutral, but some posts with a negative undertone are inevitable. Of course I'll use the content warning for those.

Even if I rarely pursue it, I love web development ever since I started with it when I was 14. Game design is cool too, and I have plans to work on my own game some time in the future. Love playing DotA 2 and Splatoon 2, too.

Hope that's a good overview. Give me a follow if you dare 👀 . 👁️

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Netflix and having spiders come down from the ceiling right next to you.

I'm getting sick, but it's not bad enough yet that I can't prevent it.
At least I think so. Please let it be so 😩​

When will I find the perfect dumpster that's right for /me/?

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All I really wanna do is work on this current project 24/7 until I'm done without needing to sleep, eat or do basically anything that would require me to stop.
Is that too much to ask?

Excited about the new shower curtains.
This is adulthood babey!

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's song "Fashion Monster" but it's "Boyfriend Monster"

Apex is kinda cool, but I'm very bad at it. And I'm not sure yet if I wanna fight my way through the initial learning curve until I actually have some lasting fun.
Playing it with my Steam controller made it more enjoyable though.

Squirrel is the best language because of the lone fact that it saves its scripts in .nut files.

Which either makes it the cutest or horniest language.

Hnnngg searched 3+ hours for a problem that is fixed with ONE (1) freaking function call.

Aside from losing my mind, at least the code's much better optimized, ordered and readable now.

TypeScript is great and I love it so much!

The 3DS internet settings theme is still a bop

Good news: they made tumblr even worse and managed to make my eyes physically hurt.
Someone stop this site already.

I ate so much today yet I never actually felt full. Where did it all go?

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