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One more monster arrived, so here’s an for you Monster Lovers™:

I’m Max, 26, and my hollow bones are filled with gay. I’m some kind of eagle, though honestly I’m more of a regular undefined avian. Also glitchy, ‘cause I don’t feel so good.

That said, I have depression and anxiety - and the latter is strong enough to keep me from interacting with others for weeks. Knowing that, I’m at a point where I want to fight it so I dedicate this account just to that. Coming out of my hole, learning to socialize, sharing my life, blah. I intend to keep the tone of this account positive or at the very least neutral, but some posts with a negative undertone are inevitable. Of course I’ll use the content warning for those.

Even if I rarely pursue it, I love web development ever since I started with it when I was 14. Game design is cool too, and I have plans to work on my own game some time in the future. Love playing DotA 2 and Splatoon 2, too.

Hope that’s a good overview. Give me a follow if you dare 👀 . 👁️

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Casually looking for SSDs for my Dell laptop:

Dell: Look we’ve gotcha, here’s one with 128GB for 230€
Every other vendor: lol 1tb for half of that

The brand tax is real.

For the first time in my life, I have my very own phone number.
And it’s one of the good ones. :blobposscool:

I’ve rebuilt the part of the Super Mario Bros. U stage with the 2 platforms that circle around each other. It’s always my favorite part of the stage, so now it can be played as much as you like!


When is the Smash Bros update coming already, I wanna build my own Pokéfloat stage.

There’s a crow near my window pecking on a Pringles can.

I support you little guy, but please do it somewhere else, ‘case you’re very :baba_l::baba_o::baba_u::baba_d:​ and :baba_i::baba_r::baba_r::baba_i::baba_t::baba_a::baba_t::baba_i::baba_n::baba_g:

I’ve got an idea for a Halloween-themed commission and now I’m debating hard on whether to get it now or later this year :imp_think:

With Marie Kondo being in the spotlight so heavily in the last months it’s cool to see people taking their time to get their homes - and to an extend their lives - in order. And I just did that too with my room.

It’s a good trend that happening right now and following it only brings out good things, so I’d say that everyone who was interested in her other other methods should absolutely try them out! I know I will continue to do so in the future~

A show in the style of Bojack Horseman solely about / with birds? Peck yeah! 🦅​

So I started watching The OA yesterday and finished it just now. While Season 1 was pretty chill and slow, season 2 cranked everything up to 11. It was such a great season - I love it!
And with that ending I can’t wait to find out how the next one will play out; It’s such a great idea / concept that’ was shown at the end!

Today I’ll get my desk (and other little things) and then my new room is complete!
happy chirps

Do Monitors still work after falling from my bed to the ground?
We’ll see on Friday!

my dick is so big it can barely fit into a USB port

Hmm, need to look into how to synchronize my projects across systems.
I’m kinda eyeing a raspberry Pi setup with its own cloud on it (maybe Tonido? Idk), but I’m getting intimidated by its potential ways it could fuck up / don’t work.

Any recommendations?

who the fuck buys a winter coat lmao just wear more hoodies

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