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@squeevee your art is really darn good, and I love how audaciously weird it gets

the fatness of the tail is directly proportional to the wholesomeness of the reptile

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*tim curry voice* sexually explicit fursona time cube

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Howdy! I'm Mel
Your Local Goth Cannibal and Furry Art Man:tm:
I'm an artist full time and I work most days
I like noses, meat, mushrooms, lanterns and The Occult!
I draw a lot of monsters, demons, cryptids, and aliens!
The majority of my content is NSFW but I still make SFW pieces!

🐾: furaffinity.net/user/melthecan
πŸ“Ί: picarto.tv/MelTheCannibal
β˜•: ko-fi.com/MelTheCannibal


If any of you ever need a math consultant for your naughty teacher porn blackboards PLEASE contact me, PhD students don't make enough and I want to put hilarious overly well-thought out math in unlikely places and I'm available for very reasonable rates

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