me a few days ago: skateboarding in the rain, loses traction and slips on those bumpy yellow things on curb cuts “WHAT EVEN THE FUCK ARE THESE FOR??? ugh… ironically probably some curb cut effect thing im not aware of that benefits disabled people in some way, so im not gonna be an asshole about it”

today’s google sketch: “theyre so blind people dont die in traffic”

me: “oh… how did u know i was wondering about that”

google: 🤷


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Well, I think the interview went well, so now I just have to wait for a response.

I'm really excited to work at this place, so I hope it pans out.

Fingers crossed!

tooth stuff, asking for money

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i have so much hair!!
(and a huge forehead)

i need to at least trim the ends
i love having long hair, but maybe im gonna shave the sides or something

we’ll see starting next week, i think


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my life is sorely lacking in content

could i trouble the fediverse for some cute birds, and possibly links to cosplay pieces (non-foam articulated beaks, feathery articles of clothing, prosthetic claws, etc.)?

thank youuu

Holy shit, tomorrow morning I get to take the medication I've been off of for several months that helps me stay awake during the day so I get tired enough to sleep a normal amount instead of 5-6 or 10-14 hours a night with no predictable regularity.

I'm so excited I can hardly sleep.


Got a new prescription, but apparently even with the "I literally have no income or money." edition of Medi-Cal I still have to pay $25 for one of my medications.

Still, very excited to have my brain working again and not be in a constant zombie-like stupor. I'm sure I'll figure it out somehow.

had to stop playing the demo bc i wanted the full raikiri set but i already beat the last boss in the demo

this is like a handful of features shy of being exactly the mech game i always wanted

like a fast-paced mech warrior, its amazing

my fav loadout so far is a bazooka and sword on pylons and autofire assault rifle and SMG on right and left respectively

and i can boost for daaaaaaays with my current arsenal loadout

tl;dr out of weed (help appreciated)

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blah a bunch of drunk idiots woke me up at 2am (about an hour ago) because the window im sleeping next to is a better place to park it and have a dozen person >100dB conversation than literally every other spot on the block that is a place of business or an apartment building with a garage as the 1st floor and therefore no window

made a barrista blush and stutter today just by looking cute, so im feeling p damn confident this morning 💪 :ms_crow:

good morning

:ms_crow:​ caw caw

good morning @tamlyn 💜

good morning @tesla :thumbsup_hmn_b2:

🤟 hope yall slept well bc i sure did

hey if y'all wanna help me out and you havent signed up for a cash account sign up and we both get $5

the girl needs $40 for weed
(next best thing to the meds we cant afford for her)
anyone wanna help?

even $5 can help$SuperTallSandra

Life updates (Positive stuff, injury, hungry, negative stuff, job stuff)

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