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Swordz @swordzart

Ah, I've gone back on a conlang kick.
specifically for that orc conlang i keep planning
And I would like to request any folks with those tusk prosthetics to experiment trying to say "m" "p" "b" "f" and "v", or if they can't say it the regular way, try to approximate the sound

i found that "m" could be approximated with tusks when you place the top lip on your bottom teeth instead of the bottom lip, but idk if p/b and f/v work the same

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when i tried, i used fingers instead of tusks, i found that b/p became v/f. you might find some replacement sounds on the ipa chart. maybe try some click consonants too

@swordzart huh, I never thought of things like that before.

(I don't have tusk prosthetics so I can't help with that kind of thing unfortunately)

@dzuk yeah, it's not a particularly well-travelled path of thinking. Depending on the media, the size of an orc's underbite and tusks varies. I found that in my depiction where the tusks create an underbite and lips curve to better accommodate them, the usual English labial and labiodental consonants m, p, b, f and v were harder to pronounce. So right now I'm trying to figure out if an approximate consonant that sounds like them can be made and feel more natural.