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is there a way to get square coordinates on the hyperbolic plane in the style of cartesian ones (i.e., that you can combine in some way to add together, and use to get adjacent squares, and the like)

i'm debating looking at a shadow of mordor lp so i can mine the game for insights but i don't really know if i want to subject myself to many hours of mind control slavery power fantasy bullshit

also due to some changes basically nobody ever builds cities anymore. another big thing is getting actors to choose more reasonable actions instead of just picking a random actor and going "okay do something". even just changing that to "pick a random _action_ and figure out who can perform it" might have a substantial change in the action distribution

the thing i really wanna add at this point is cultural stuff that changes the culture's description and what its heroes look like, but uhhhhh. not sure how to do that yet.

though i guess all they can do is wander around right now

like cmon gimmie a break

latest issue: i added heroes and great beasts being generated and wandering in the fashion of peoples. but great beasts can be generated randomly from newly-explored regions. so this world is like 80% great beasts exploring and generating new regions which in turn generate new beasts. hmm.

also this is getting into questions of "how horny do i want to make the dataset". like this isn't gonna be detailed descriptions of demon dicks, but like already some of the generated races can be a little risqué

back into the "my dataset is bad so this isn't doing anything interesting" territory

"THEMM the hunt rose to prominence among the goblins of NOLL-ADYL"
"DIM the plants rose to prominence among the goblins of NOLL-ADYL"

that'sssss not quite right. (it's using the abstract class set name as the class, rather than the class itself. so like, 'plants' contains 'farmer' and 'druid')

made a proper dev post about the history generator xax.dreamwidth.org/84620.html

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the eff posted that thing about drm and them leaving the w3c a while back and they said a thing that i think is broadly true about Politics Stuff, which is that people respond so much more actively to procedural issues than substantive issues. somebody visibly Breaking The Rules is shocking and outrageous, but slow bureaucracy grinding away through meetings and proposals to arrive at denial of basic human rights and war crimes is just business as usual. it's perfectly fine, because it went through the process!

tzaphiriron.sidemoon.net/stati this is still a Fucking Mess but it's starting to get there

i mean structurewise; the actual dataset is still pretty garbage

there's a mushroom growing in one of my plant pots :|

like i know INTELLECTUALLY that mushroom and mold spores are basically omipresent but it this feels like a sign i should clean my room more often.

i finally got map-updates and global mutation working for my myth generator, which makes... a lot of stuff possible. events having wide-reaching consequences, procedural landscape graphs actors wander around in, world stages, etc. now i just gotta write a dataset that actually _uses_ them.

"that connection a kid builds with the brand, you know with their friends or family, their father or mother ... that's what we're all about"

love those brands

"here's this thing that represents a major choice in the fiction of the world and that we want to be deeply evocative!" "but don't worry about missing Game Content b/c we rigged it so that yr choice actually has precisely zero mechanical impact!"

the thing i have been the most insulted by a video game: (also dead pets) Show more