my partner Elise showed me this and I can't believe how fucking hard I've been called out by it

Made another rotation around the sun, socialism/pol

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health anxiety, mh β€”

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success at capitialism

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re: Question for Seattle/Portland area Folks (cw: alcohol) (plz boost!)

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Pocket hyenas that you can take out and pet and they give you little nosings

LB: you ever think about how many mc/tf kinks out there more or less boil down to β€œI wish I was part of a really low-stress, trustworthy social circle, and also maybe we could all fuck sometimes”

@hierarchon I think the new vanilla resource generation is supposed to replace RSO. But yeah the rest sound useful.

tired: rapid-onset lycanthropy
wired: fast furrier transformation

@Rei I figured the dicks were not a thing but I was wondering what they were going. Lame. :P

Getting a tabletop group together to meet regularly is a skill worth putting on a resume.

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