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Howdy folks!

I still take commissions. Here’s the updated price list for 2019! If you’re interested, let me know and we’ll talk about it!

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Got me a Carrd now. It will serve as a one-stop landing site with my info an a sample gallery.

Tasteful Male Nudity (No Genitals)

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Something else on the front. A teenage Nanako and grown-up Maya. Yes. Maya. I want some P1/P2 representation dammit!

This one is too good not to share.

A beautiful face picture of your friendly behemoth, Loth! (That’s me!)

Done as a very early b-day present from @serpent ! :ms_purple_heart:

Also of note that I just thought about. Though these Zoras reproduce sexually, there are so few physical differences between the sexes that culturally and linguistically, they are non-gendered. They/them work best for these Zora.

Meta Zoras make for good assassins. They are rather dexterous and silent as they move, as well as meticulous about making sure they do their job right the first time.

I have to draw SOMETHING today, so here’s another concept. Here we have a series mainstay, the Zora. In this concept, the Zora are in the middle of a species divergence as a good portion of them left the sea and joined the rest of the civilized peoples on the land.

“Full” Zora:
►Larger in size
►Long tail
►Larger fins
►Full set of gills due to life in the sea
►Underdeveloped nostrils allow for brief travel out of the sea
►Traditional dress with cues from European royalty, including frills and sashes
►Strict hierarchical society with a ruling family

“Meta” Zora:
►Smaller in size
►Small fin crest on head
►Small/nonexistent tail
►More developed nostrils adapted to living on land
►Underdeveloped/nonexistent gills
►Modified modern clothing with specialized under suit to maintain skin moisture
►More individualistic society with strong emphasis on loyalty and reciprocation of favors

So there’s an art meme going around on Twitter. Make Scarlett Johansson as your OC. So I took the protag and…. well… I don’t like this.

It’s been a while, but hey, a new commission! For a red panda who loves him some LOUD colors! Thanks for your business! I hope you enjoy it!

Just a quick little congratulatory doodle for Grats on the 100,000 subs! Here’s to many more!

And here we go. One BotW-fied Ghirahim, certainly working on turning good-Ganon evil. But he’s at least cute so there you go.

Finally coming together. Keeping his gear simple despite the Yiga Clan influence in his clothes. The more complex elements come from the studs in his cape, skirt, and leather, as well as the diamond motif making a set of tattoos on his arms.

More on BotW Ghirahim:

Design-wise, I’m trying to combine his Skyward Sword appearance and the Yiga Clan outfit from BotW.

He’s a foil to’s Ganon. He’s trying to continue the cycle, but also trying to help Ganon in his adventures to stay on his good side.

Starting to add people back on here. Still gonna use this for business only. Want my opinion? Get to know me in private.

Yes I still draw. Here’s a WIP of a BotW-fied Ghirahim. I love his design in Skyward Sword, so why not adapt it to a more BotW style!

Hey there folks. Just an update on things, including my situation and future projects.

So I was listening to some Breath of the Wild music and thought “Hey, what happens if someone dips a little TOO much into the Triforce’s power.”


This happens.

Triforce Zombie!

’s Link is our subject here.

So more stuff. This time some supporting characters. Tingle is an eccentric informant who helps Link and company out after their quest starts. The other two are members of the Gerudo eco-terrorists. The teenage male is the mule while the woman is a seasoned fighter.

So I drew redrew an old Eeveelution concept. I present to you, Tuskeon, the fighting-type Eevee. And yes, it was originally a mix between an Eevee and an orc for shits and giggles.

Trying to draw more stuff. So here’s some more for you. Link is a bit cowardly at the start of the story and has to learn Courage along the way. Zelda has had enough of his bullshit and promptly punches him to snap him back into it.

I love my Zelda!

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