What is monsterpit.net?

Monsterpit is a community of creatures and critters
For those who love monsters to be monsters they love.
Whether fur, scale, or skin; whether plural or 'kinโ€“
If you don't feel quite human, come! You'll fit right on in.

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This is an 18+ only instance!

Welcome to Monsterpit!

Monsterpit is a small, friendly, and queer community of monster and creature lovers. We provide a relaxing space for folks to embrace strangeness with a love that spans from casual admiration to kinky teratophile. Through monsters, we can express our identity, sexuality, and spirituality in a world that often fears us. Whether you love the strange or are the strange, you'll find a home here.

At the moment, we're operated by a nerdy fire demon, Daggertooth, in the company of two lovely orc admins, Aros and Dzuk. Helping us moderate are foxyslunt, thephooka, and Kelmartin. The Monster's Digest can give you a peek into our community and show you the things we're into (some of which may be quite lewd).

Features fit for a monster!

For writers and roleplayers, 140 280 500 characters aren't enough. On Monsterpit, you can ROAR with a spacious 6666. For artists and exhibitionists, we support image resolutions up to 4320x4320, 1080p video, and audio clips. Our size limit is 50 MB.

We run a modded version of Glitch-Soc, a Mastodon fork by @bea and @kibi that's full of nifty features. The source of our variant lives here on GitHub.

Media attachment notes

Be aware that other Mastodon instances typically refuse to embed any media larger than 8 MB, and will display their description text with a download link instead. Remember to fill out the description texts on your media roars so that folks outside of Monsterpit know what they're about to click on if it's too big for their instance to embed.

Also, unlike many instances, we do not tag-strip your art. Your comments, credits, usage license, and copyright will be preserved along with any info you or your graphics software added to ensure sure your work is rendered properly on other displays.

"Be excellent to each other!"

We're well-moderated and do our best to make you and friends on neighboring instances comfortable and safe.

Use content warnings:
  • CW lewd, sensitive, stressful (e.g., politics), or lengthy roars on public timelines.
  • Be respectful of CW requests, even if you don't personally find the content offensive.
  • Informed consent: if you post untagged sensitive content in party-only roars, place a CW in your profile if your account's unlocked.
  • If you use a Twitter cross-poster, retweets must be CWed on public timelines.
Lewd responsibly:
  • Respect boundaries.
  • Ask participants for consent to erotic content or play.
  • No explicit content involving minors.
Safety and legal requirements:
  • You must be 18+. If we find out you're not, your account will be deleted.
  • No content that's illegal in the US.
Avoid becoming the janitor's next snack:
  • Anonymous lurker and bot accounts will be eaten after a week.
  • Month-old accounts abandoned with fewer than ten roars are pruned.

We don't like jerks!

Harassing or antagonizing folks will get you a swift ban. We block instances, users, and bots that allow or promote abusive behavior as we see fit. We're not a "free speech zone" and are not interested in absolute federation; go elsewhere if you're looking for that.

Friends in the neighborhood...

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